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Wed Aug 27 06:30:20 EDT 2008


I was just reading this blog on www.infoq.com by Neal Ford on
Programming Languages and Platforms.

He is an experienced employee with Thoughtworks..

Here is the link...

This paragraph from his blog/interview has attracted my attention...
Within ThoughtWorks of Ruby, we are doing a lot of Ruby projects now and
we have clients coming in and asking us to do Ruby projects. We have
just released our first ever commercial piece of software which is
Mingle, which is this Agile project management tool that is written in
Ruby on Rails because we wanted it fast on the market, but it is
deployed on JRuby, because JRuby deployment scenario was much easier
than deploying it in the standard Ruby on Rails way, with hosted and
Mongrel clusters and all that stuff.

So we've got to take advantage of the best of both worlds, we've got the
productivity and the power of Ruby on Rails, but we've got the
convenience of having deployed this thing on the Java platform. I think
that is something we are going to see more and more.
This clearly applies to IronRuby too. Many would like to go the same
way. Productivity and Power of IronRuby on Rails and deployment with
IIS7 + Sql 2008 + MySql as well.

It would be nice if there is some information available about the
deployment scenario and the IronRuby Team suggestions for an effective
speed on .Net

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