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Fri Aug 22 07:09:42 EDT 2008


This is just my suggestion.

Netbeans 6.5 shall support (1)Ruby (2) JRuby (3) Python and (4) Php.

These are all open source projects(languages) and so is IronRuby.

I understand Sun and Microsoft are rivals, but IronRuby is an open
source project and i dont see  any comeptition in this case. If Sun does
not hate PHP, it should not hate IronRuby too.

Currently i am working on Ruby On Rails, with JVM and Netbeans 6.1 and
Jruby 1.1 on my XP machine and everything seems to be working smoothly.
I think rather than waiting for another IDE to emerge, it would be nice
if some support for IronRuby is added to Netbeans and let the OSS
Community cheerup with IronRuby as the 5th option.

Since 4 popular languages are already there i don't see any reason why
IronRuby should be neglected.

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