[Ironruby-core] r132 - can you check if it builds correctly on mono?

Michael Letterle michael.letterle at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 10:29:28 EDT 2008

The assumption would be that the project layouts don't change that often,
certainly less often the the cs files which is what is really being
maintained in the IDE most of the time.

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 10:04 AM, John Lam (IRONRUBY)
<jflam at microsoft.com>wrote:

> Michael Letterle:
> > I was up till 4am last night at eRubyCon, and this is just me thinking
> > outloud....
> >
> > I've had it in my mind to write a msbuild plugin for Rake, instead of
> > maintaining the csproj files directly, how about maintaining them in
> > rake files that can generate csproj files on demand?  That way we're
> > not beholden to VS strong armness?
> >
> > Just a random crazy thought.
> I don't think this would really work in practice, since files are added by
> folks who use the IDE all the time.
> Thanks,
> -John
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