[Ironruby-core] r132 - can you check if it builds correctly on mono?

Curt Hagenlocher curth at microsoft.com
Sat Aug 16 20:23:59 EDT 2008

>From Charles Oliver Nutter at Saturday, August 16, 2008 1:57 PM:
> Michael Letterle wrote:
>> Or update the csproj so that the file names are cased correctly for *nix
>> (note that the casing isn't a MONO thing, it's a OS thing), Windows will
>> continue to not care.
> To be honest, I call bug on whatever tool creates and maintains the
> csproj files.

It's not necessarily that straightforward.  If the file were renamed outside of the IDE and the new name differed only by case, there would be no reason for the IDE to update the csproj file automatically.

...and if we're going to be strictly pedantic, casing isn't an OS thing -- it's an FS thing :P

Curt Hagenlocher
curth at microsoft.com

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