[Ironruby-core] Events?

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Thu Aug 14 18:08:56 EDT 2008

It seems that both parts of the code are Ruby. So you should use Ruby language features. It's possible to emulate CLR events by a list of blocks.

event = []

# adding a handler:
handler = lambda { ... }
event << handler

# removing a handler:
event.delete handler

# firing an event:
event.each { |handler| handler[args] }


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Let's say I create a class called MovieControls, that wraps some existing xaml.  The xaml has several buttons, including a toggle play/pause button, and a previous and next button.

MovieControls would listen to the click of the play/pause button, and would dispatch a "play" event when they clicked it to play it, and "pause" for the opposite.

I want to be able to listen to MovieControls to know when to tell my video to "play" and "pause".

So, it would be something like this...  In MovieControls
play_pause_button.click { if (isPlayState) dispatch("play") else dispatch("pause") end }

Then, in my app
myMovieControls.play { doPlay }
myMovieControls.pause { doPause }

Does that make more sense now? If this seems totally out of the blue, how are people currently handling abstracting away this kind of functionality?


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I'm not sure I understand the scenario. Would you like to declare an event on Ruby object that you want to hook from C# code? Like rubyEngine.Operations.GetMember(obj, "my_event") += delegate { ...}?


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Subject: [Ironruby-core] Events?

Hi all,

Is there a built-in event system for IronRuby?  I know I can handle events with button.click { }, but what if I want to dispatch my own, custom events (from a class I created myself?).

I wrote my own event system, but I would prefer to use a built-in dispatch method if it exists.



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