[Ironruby-core] Silverlight and Custom Components

Sean Clark Hess seanhess at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 15:03:01 EDT 2008

Hi all,
One of the first things I tried to do when I started using IronRuby with
Silverlight was to separate my view components into separate components.  I
soon learned, to my dismay, that it was way harder than it should be (as in
-- harder than flex does it).

The only way to do it is to use Application.current.load_component. I've
written a small component framework that does the job nicely (using
method_missing to proxy the loaded view ... it's pretty cool), but I want to
make sure there isn't a better way to do the same thing before I follow this
path any further.

Oh, and please let me know if this is the wrong mailing list for IronRuby
Silverilght development :)

If there isn't a RIGHT way to do this, I'm planning on posting the code on
my blog in a few days.

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