[Ironruby-core] Information on Hosting Ruby.Console?

Josh Charles josh.charles at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 15:09:06 EDT 2008

I'm working on a project where I would like to host the IronRuby
console, and I'm getting some stack overflow exceptions.  I've met the
end of my own knowledge, so I'm wondering if there is more information
available anywhere about doing something like this?

I was just modifying my copy of the Ruby.Console project in the
IronRuby source, but I would really like to break this into a separate
project.  I started with a blank console app, and straight code copy
over, and it builds, and even starts, but anything typed into the
console causes the exception.  I thought it might have been because I
had targeted the wrong .Net version, but I fixed that.

Any ideas?


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