[Ironruby-core] Ruby is on 9th Position and C# on 8th as per Tiobe Index.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Aug 7 10:53:00 EDT 2008

> TIOBE is *a* measure of popularity. It you look at jobs available for 
> the different languages on job aggregation sites then C# still hammers 
> RUby (and Python!).
> Popularity (what people talk about) is different from what people use...
> Another interesting language popularity site (with a wider range of 
> metrics than TIOBE) is:
> http://www.langpop.com/
> C# does very poorly on their metrics...

Both Tiobe and Langpop search based on language, but they exclude the
term ".NET programming" which is a more general term that describes what
developers are used.

If you redo the tests from langpop.com in this way, .NET comes out side
by side with Java.

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