[Ironruby-core] Opening up our tree to external committers

Tomas Restrepo tomas at winterdom.com
Wed Apr 30 23:43:09 EDT 2008


>  Why not meet half way: Generate netmodules who's primary purpose, if I am
> remembering correctly, is the ability to be merged together into a final
> assembly.  Again, if I remembering correctly, the original idea was that you
> could have one team writing code in VB.NET and another in C#, and they could
> both compile to netmodules which are then merged into a final assembly via a
> post compilation merging process.
>  WARNING: My memory of the purpose of netmodules might be completely out of
> whack.

You can certainly do that way. I've worked with fairly large code
bases that do this, and you can certainly do the merging with link.exe
even. That said, this doesn't really solve the loading issue Curt
mentions, which is probably the bigger deal.

Tomas Restrepo

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