[Ironruby-core] using ruby libraries with IronRuby

Steve Eichert steve.eichert at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 13:10:22 EDT 2008

I have a bunch of things running around in my head that I'm curious about
regarding IronRuby and I'm not sure where to find the answer.  I figure my
best bet is to drop my questions here.

The first question I have is what the current status is regarding using
existing Ruby libraries from IronRuby.  One of the use cases where I could
see a lot of .NET developers using IronRuby is for writing
specificiations/unit tests for their code.  I've been experimenting with
testing some really simple classes written in C# with simple test and I'd
like to see if/how IronRuby could get to the next level of testing which
might include being able to mock/stub behavior.  I've used mocha a bit on a
couple Ruby projects and am wondering if someone could help me understand
where IronRuby is in regards to being able to use a ruby library such as
mocha.  The second part of the question is what is the best method for
determining what's needed (but not yet implemented in IronRuby) for a given
ruby library to run.

Now assuming it could run an external ruby library, how would you need to
setup IronRuby to properly load it?  I assume that's coming when we get gems
+ yaml support and will just be a require 'mocha'?

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