[Ironruby-core] Getting our code review mails out to the list

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Tue Apr 29 19:30:34 EDT 2008

This is a test of our new mechanism for getting our code review mails out to you. This is an existing change that's already in SVN, but this will give you an idea of what future mails will look like.

Notice that there is an attached diff in the original mail - you can use whatever diff viewing tool that you want to see the changes. This gives you some context to the changes that you'll be seeing. The diff works - but is based on our internal source layout not the external layout.

External folks - please just reply to this mail (NOT reply-all) as this will generate a bounce message back to the list if you have comments about the change.


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tfpt review /shelveset:contributions6;REDMOND\jflam

Ruby only

This wraps up a number of community contributions into a single shelveset for expediency. This shelveset passed SNAP this morning. We are now passing 2011/2961 (67%) of community specs.

-       some case sensitivity changes to ensure that things continue to compile on case-sensitive filesystems (*nix)
-       using methods in fileutils instead of hand-rolled platform specific shell commands
-       adding a mono switch 'noconfig' to ensure that mono continues to compile

-       Expanding patch #19745 from Wayne Kelly to add support for passing strings or objects that implement to_str to private, protected, and public

-       Added alias for String#intern implementation and some comments

-       Added some constants
-       Expanded patch 19749 from Wayne Kelly (an implementation of ===)

-       Added to_str implementation to fix bug #19625

-       Expanded patch #19230 from Eric Nicholson for Time methods. Added comments as well as fixing a number of conversion and interop-related bugs. This isn't complete yet, and the specs aren't very valuable for verifying the behavior of these methods until we get backtick or system() working.

-       Expanded patch #19708 for File#exists? to handle directories correctly
-       Expanded patch #19004 for File#expand_path to handle corner cases correctly. Note that this still requires work to make our directory paths identical to Ruby. Right now the paths returned are Windows paths (Ruby on Windows returns *nix style paths).

-       Incorporated trivial bug fix on range check:  #19754

-       Enables specs for kernel, module, and matchdata.


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