[Ironruby-core] Regarding IronRuby... How true it sounds from this blog

Steve Eichert steve.eichert at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 11:07:06 EDT 2008

> > What did you work on since the last update
> > What will you be working on until the next scheduled update
> > What's getting in the way of progress
> This is an excellent idea - would folks prefer a Monday or a Friday
> update?

I don't have a strong preference but I think I'd vote for a Monday update.

> > <warning_thinking_out loud_without_giving_it_much_thought>
> > Conceptually a git like repo seems like it would offer some
> > interesting advantages.  I'm a git newbie, but from what I've heard
> > and read it really encourages people to fork projects and play around
> > with different ideas.  Currently, I can't see what anyone else in the
> > community is working on, let alone the IronRuby team itself.  I think
> > in order to foster a real community around IronRuby we need to not
> > only make the ironRuby team itself more transparent, but increase the
> > transparency of the community as a whole.  Perhaps IronRuby should
> > jump on the github bandwagon? :)
> > </warning_thinking_out_loud_without_giving_it_much_thought>
> The nice thing about GIT is that you can use they're GIT->SVN bridge and
> work in a GIT repro on your own box while syncing changes to SVN. So there's
> nothing stopping you from using GIT today if you want ...

I've been thinking about this.  One of the things that triggered this
thought is some things I've seen going on in the Rails community.  It seems
like a lot of people are forking the master to work on ideas.  Since they're
using github, everyone can see the forks that are out there and see what
people are working on, as well as checkout the actual code they're
committing.  It would be cool to be able to see what the various community
members are working on, pull in their changes, and etc.

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