[Ironruby-core] Regarding IronRuby... How true it sounds from this blog

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Tue Apr 29 09:18:06 EDT 2008

Peter Bacon Darwin:

> My point wasn't that one needs to have access to the DLR code.  It was
> that because IronRuby is so tightly coupled to DLR at the moment, it is
> not possible to remove its tethers and let it free as a proper OSS.
> Pete

Yep. BTW, this is exactly the set of arguments that are used in making the distinction between integrated and modular systems. We are integrated now because we are optimizing for finishing our work on the DLR (and the first set of languages) sooner. We will become modular in the future because it lets folks build on top of us more easily.

If you're curious listen to Clay Christensen's most excellent thoughts on this topic in this podcast: http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail135.html


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