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Jeff Lewis jdlewis at xactware.com
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+1 for commit by commit mirror or using (even better) using rubyforge as
primary and mirroring it back to TFS. 

+1 for daily builds (preferably automated so that no one has to spend
much time on it)


I honestly think that until it is primarily hosted at rubyforge, people
will complain that the project isn't "open enough."  That definitely
won't quiet down everyone, but it would make great strides towards it.
But, it may simply be too early to do so since the DLR is still


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So, as the new guy on the other (MSFT) side of the fence, I am
interested in all of these suggestions and ideas. In addition, I have
some questions/suggestions for you.
* Would mirroring our internal repo on a commit-by-commit basis help
with the repository issues? Would it help with the ownership feelings?
* How can we be more transparent about what we are working on, and where
we are heading? A blog? A weekly posting?
* Would mirroring the repo to other formats help? Would releasing alpha
binaries be worthwhile?
I'm new, but I want to help build a community, and show that this is a
real OSS project. So, I really appreciate the discource. I think that
these meta discussions are worthwhile in helping define the community.
Jim Deville
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I can't say that the delay has stopped me from working on a contribution
since I've just recently started investigating where I may be able to
lend a hand.  However, I can say that I'm much more reluctant to jump in
and start working on something since I don't want to work on a
implementing or fixing something that has already been addressed. 

I think it would be great to have a more open environment where the
community knows what the members of the IronRuby team are working on and
what they're currently thinking about, as well as what things they
aren't able to get to yet but are higher priority.  This would help the
community understand what they should stay away from, as well as what
would be a good place to contribute.  In order to foster a community
around IronRuby I believe there needs to be something that can rally the
community around a cause.  Right now, most of the people I've spoken to
are in a wait and see mode with IronRuby.  It would be great if we could
do something to get people in a "what can I do to contribute value to
the project" mode.

This is coming from someone who has just recently "joined" the IronRuby
community, so I may not be looking in the right places.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 11:35 AM, John Lam (IRONRUBY)
<jflam at microsoft.com> wrote:

M. David Peterson:

> > It's far more difficult (maybe impossible) to run an OSS project
> > if the community members can't update their working copies to
> > what the core team sees day-to-day. This one is most likely an MS
> issue.
> It's absolutely 100% an internal MSFT issue.  Can it be fixed?

While meta-level discussions are interesting, they generally don't offer
much in the way of concrete guidance. So let me ask this question to the
larger community:

Has working on the SVN sources (with the attendant delays in propagating
to / from our version of 'the truth') blocked you from working on a


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