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M. David Peterson m.david at xmlhacker.com
Mon Apr 28 15:46:28 EDT 2008

On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 12:41:02 -0600, Jim Deville <jdeville at microsoft.com>  

> So, as the new guy on the other (MSFT) side of the fence,

Welcome, Jim! :D

> I am interested in all of these suggestions and ideas.


> In addition, I have some questions/suggestions for you.
> * Would mirroring our internal repo on a commit-by-commit basis help  
> with the repository issues?

Depends on which issues you are referring to, though I can't imagine it  
would hurt any of the issues, and will certainly help with many, if not  
all of them.

> Would it help with the ownership feelings?

Yes, especially if the external repository was seen as the master  
repository with daily, hourly, or per-commit syncs with the internal MSFT  
repository, not vice-versa.

> * How can we be more transparent about what we are working on, and where  
> we are heading? A blog? A weekly posting?

This is always going to be somewhat of a gray area due to the fact that  
there will always be things (e.g. new features un-related to the Ruby  
language, related products such as development tools, DLR-specific  
extensions, Silverlight, etc.) that the powers that be @ MSFT will not  
want exposed to the outside community and/or given to the community to  
control.  These are both fair and understood concerns, but I believe easy  
enough to work around.  In this regard, if a line in the sand could be  
drawn that stated something like,

  * The community owns the Ruby implementation as it relates to the  
external specs and existing Ruby applications.
  * MSFT owns the rest.

And the community was then given control -- with John and associates  
leading the way, of course -- of pushing forward the portion of the  
repository they were in control of, I believe we would all be in the exact  
position we've been jockeying for, that of controlling each of our  
destinies and primary areas of drive and interest.

> * Would mirroring the repo to other formats help? Would releasing alpha  
> binaries be worthwhile?

I think a per-check-in build process monitored and implemented by  
something similar to CruiseControl.NET would be ideal.  This would ensure  
that the state of the repository at any given time was well understoood,  
providing access to the resulting binaries with each new build for further  
analysis and testing by anyone who felts so inclined to access the  
binaries and begin running tests against them.  In this regard, it would  
be *great* to implement and Atom-based subscription service for keeping a  
local cache of binaries up-to-date with the repository head.  In fact,  
I'll write that service if enough interest exists in having access to just  
such a service.

> I'm new, but I want to help build a community, and show that this is a  
> real OSS project. So, I really appreciate the discource. I think that  
> these meta discussions are worthwhile in helping define the community.

Agreed.  Looking forward to see what you are able to make of all this!   
And thanks!


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