[Ironruby-core] Regarding IronRuby... How true it sounds from this blog

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 28 11:55:43 EDT 2008

I have not personally been affected by the long time periods between the
code drops.  I doubt it has had a serious impact on many other contributors.
Although there have certainly been a few issues highlighted in the mailing
list around the hosting API and some other internal chunks of code that have
delayed people trying to work on top of IR - the SaphireSteel guys come to
mind, I still believe this has not really been a problem, since even in a
totally open environment, people would need to wait on the core team to
deliver API's anyway, no?

I think the main problem with the current wall-tossing arrangement is that
it creates a feeling of, "this is a their (Microsoft) project" rather than
"this is our (community) project".  Contributors feel no ownership of the
code they contribute, let alone the project as a whole.   What gets people
excited, and encouraged to contribute, to a project is the feeling that they
own some part of it or have some responsibility in the direction and
decision making.

Bug fixing patches and fleshing out code stubs is very important but not too
exciting for many developers.  It would have been an interesting exercise to
break off self-standing components of the Iron Ruby libraries and set them
up as independent OSS projects of their own that are primarily stored in SVN
and imported into MS Team repositories on occasion rather than the other way
around.  Obvious candidates are the YAML processor, the Regex engine, and
any other components that require substantial C# code to be written, and
design decisions to be made.

It is not too late to implement something like this.  If a bit of work could
be done on loading external IR libraries then projects could begin to be
setup independently.  This would have the multiple benefit of getting people
to work on interesting and challenging projects, potentially creating
alternative options to the IR community but also those people working on the
projects are more likely to pickup bugs and add in the smaller patches to
the core that are not getting people excited at the moment.

My two pennies.


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M. David Peterson:

> > It's far more difficult (maybe impossible) to run an OSS project well
> > if the community members can't update their working copies to exactly
> > what the core team sees day-to-day. This one is most likely an MS
> issue.
> It's absolutely 100% an internal MSFT issue.  Can it be fixed?

While meta-level discussions are interesting, they generally don't offer
much in the way of concrete guidance. So let me ask this question to the
larger community:

Has working on the SVN sources (with the attendant delays in propagating to
/ from our version of 'the truth') blocked you from working on a

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