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> But putting yourself in IronRuby's Red Slippers for a moment,

To put this another way, JRuby was a successful OSS project *FIRST* which  
-- because of this fact -- attracted Sun to bring the project and its two  
core contributors (at that time -- if not mistaken, didn't Ola really  
begin his core involvement after the acquisition?) in house.  The  
community didn't have to be convinced of the overall JRuby idea.  That had  
already happened long before Corporate America began it's lust -> love  
fest with the project, gaining not only the already successful OSS JRuby  
project, but access to the best and the brightest minds/talent the Java  
development community had to offer as a result.

MSFT, on the other, went out and found the best and brightest minds/talent  
the .NET development community had to offer -- at least as far as  
experience with the Ruby language was concerned -- and then tasked them  
with building not only an OSS Ruby implementation for the .NET platform,  
but in building an OSS community as well > Both -- for all intents and  
purposes -- from scratch.

Two different situations.  Two different scenarios.  You've done it  
successfully from the outside in.  How would you do it -- again  
successfully -- from the inside out?


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