[Ironruby-core] Running activerecord

Brian Blackwell brianblackwell at realemail.net
Fri Apr 18 16:46:22 EDT 2008

I wanted to test my prototype ADO.NET database wrappers for SQLite and
MySQL, so I thought I would see how far I could get in an attempt to run
activerecord. Running activerecord is of course a necessary step in the
path to running Rails. At this point I'm simply trying to get "require
'active_record.rb'" to work, which in turn requires activesupport. Here
are some issues I've come across thus far:

(1) Missing method File.expand_path
  - Adapted the implementation from Ruby.NET, along with some other
  unimplemented methods from File. I will check on licensing issues
  before posting a patch.

(2) rubygems is not yet running in IronRuby
  - Commented out all "require 'rubygems'" in the activerecord and
  activesupport source, since they are not absolutely necessary (i.e.
  rubygems is used to grab packages not present on the local

(3) Missing method Class.method_added
  - This is just a 'dummy' method that gets overridden - see patch for

`InstanceEval': instance_eval on Module or Class needs singleton support
  - It seems that instance_eval has different semantics when invoked
  with a class or method as receiver. I haven't yet worked out what is
  involved with implementing this method, so for the time being I
  commented out the NotImplementedError in Kernel.cs:
            //if (self is RubyModule) {
            //    throw
            RubyExceptions.CreateNotImplementedError("instance_eval on
            Module or Class needs singleton support");

(5) :0:in `__init__': wrong number or type of arguments for
`define_method' (ArgumentError)
  - Problem: current implementation of define_method does not accept
  Proc objects as arguments, hence the following line in
  throws an exception: 

         define_method(sym, block_given? ? block : Proc.new { default })
  - Solution: added an overload for DefineMethod that accepts a Proc
  object as an argument; see patch for ModuleOps.cs

(6) Missing method Thread.critical
  - Hacked a prototype implementation - see patch for ThreadOps.cs (it's
  ugly and purely for the purposes of trying to get activerecord
  to import :-)

(7) Missing method Dir.glob
  - Adapted the implementation from Ruby.NET (see (1) above)

(8) Missing method File.basename
  - Adapted the implementation from Ruby.NET (see (1) above)

(9) Problem with
  - unknown: Cannot cast from 'Microsoft.Scripting.SymbolId' to
  - This is the offending piece of code in conversions.rb:

        def to_param
          map(&:to_param).join '/'

    I must say that I'm not familiar with the &:symbol syntax. Anyone
    have any suggestions here?
  - For the time being I have commented out this method in

(10) Libraries 'enumerator.so' and 'bigdecimal.so' not available
  - Solution: commented out the requires in the activesupport source for
  the time being

(11) Problem with the Ruby library 'rational.rb':
     :0:in `main': Can't inherit from a class without a default or code
     context constructor (System::NotSupportedException)
  - The problem is that Rational is a subclass of Numeric, which is an
  abstract class with no constructor:
      class Rational < Numeric
  - Solution: hacked Ruby.Builtins.Numeric so that it is no longer
  abstract, and has a zero-arg constructor - see patch for Numeric.cs

`Require': Expression transformation not implemented:
MemberAssignmentExpression (System::NotImplementedException)
  - The problem is in the Ruby library date/format.rb, although I
  haven't narrowed it down further than that. 
  - Solution: commented out all "require 'date'" for the time being

(13) Problem with the Ruby library delegate.rb: Class.new not supported
(e.g. no zero-arg constructor for "Class")

This is as far as I have got at this point - hopefully someone might
find all this useful.

- Brian
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