[Ironruby-core] Exception handling discrepancies

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These bugs are great.  Are you reporting them on the RubyForge IronRuby
site?  That way they won't get lost in the mailing list archives.



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Consider following simple program exceptions.rb:


    a = ABC
    puts "We have exception: " + $!


cruby can treat the exception as string, but rbx fails:


[11:24:38 ~/irb_test] ruby exceptions.rb 
We have exception: uninitialized constant ABC

[11:25:10 ~/irb_test] rbx exceptions.rb 
Snippets:0:in `main': undefined local variable or method `to_str' for
uninitialized constant Object::ABC:NameError (NoMethodError)
        from Snippets:0:in `Initialize'[11:25:16 ~/irb_test] 

The problem can be circumvented currently with to_s:


puts "We have exception: " + $!.to_s

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