[Ironruby-core] Socket patch

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 13 16:22:12 EDT 2008

I have uploaded a patch to the rubyforge project site.  You can see it at:

Here is the blurb if you don't have time to check it out.



This patch is a further development of the current Socket classes.

Source files
- The methods in the all the Socket classes, except for Socket itself, have
been implemented.
- The classes have been moved into a subfolder of the IronRuby.Libraries
project in line with other "library" classes such as Digest.
- The SocketError class has been implemented.
- Various Errno:: classes still need to be implemented since the not all
Socket errors come back as SocketError exceptions!
- Various conversion methods have been abstracted, such as ConvertToPort,
ConvertToHost and so on.  These are stored in BasicSocket.cs

Testing files
Some initial Socket RSpec files have been moved into the
/trunk/tests/ironruby/specs/library/socket folder.  Particularly the
UDPSocket folder has some runnable tests.
The spec_runner.rb file has been modified to allow rake rspec and rake spec2
to run these files.  The general format is to use : colons to separate
folders in order to run non-core specs.  For example:
> rake rspec library:socket:udpsocket - fail
Will run all the specs in the
trunk/tests/ironruby/specs/library/socket/udpsocket folder.

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