[Ironruby-core] gems setup.rb continued ...

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 11 10:41:15 EDT 2008

Wayne Kelly:

> After a hack to work around the previous regular expression
> substitution problem, we continue ...
> 1) throw exception "Malformed version number"  (due to $1 returning
> nil after a successful match)
>     - fixed my previous Regexp.=== patch to set CurrentMatch in
> current scope, see attached patch
> 2) $1 still incorrectly returns nil
>     - fixed trivial index range bug in RubyScope.GetCurrentMatchGroup,
> see attached patch
> 3) Wrong number or type of arguments for method "module_eval"
>     - created module_eval aliases for each class_eval method in
> Builtins.ModuleOps
>     - corrected signatures for overloads that take a code string with
> file name and line number
>     - implemented these new methods by calling the version  that takes
> code string (and ignoring the other parameters)
>     (see attached patch)
> 4) Wrong number or type of arguments for method "private"
>     - generalized ModuleOps.SetPrivateVisibility to take param array
> of obects rather than Symbols and cast them to symbols, see attached
> patch.
>    - will need to do the same for protected, public and top-level
> versions of these methods
> 5) Wrong number or type of arguments for method "define_method"
>     - created overloaded version of define_method that takes method
> name string and converts it to Symbol, see attached patch.
> 6) Undefined method "module_function"
>     - not yet implemented in ModuleOps.
>     - this one looks a little tricker, so I'll leave it to someone
> with greater knowledge of the IronRuby internals ...

Thanks for making this stuff happen, Wayne!

I'm working on a broad set of changes in the libraries right now. I'll review and integrate your changes ASAP.


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