[Ironruby-core] Cannot debug IronRuby + Silverlight - any hint ?

Thibaut Barrère thibaut.barrere at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 21:43:24 EDT 2008

Hi Jimmy,

thanks for you answer. The application cannot seem to start when using a
semicolon to separate values in initParams. I tried comma instead (the
application manages to start this way - not sure if the param is passed
properly though):

      <param name="initParams" value="debug=true,reportErrors=errorLocation"

either way, the breakpoints remain in the same state (inactivated).

I guess it's a first step although something still must be missing. When
refreshing the browser windows, should a new debugger pop up ? Could it be
some option at the internet explorer level ?


-- Thibaut
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