[Ironruby-core] AG_E_PARSER_BAD_TYPE when using Grid

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 9 19:11:18 EDT 2008

Are you using the Blend 2 Preview for Silverlight? If not, grab it from Silverlight.net.

If you are, then can you send me what your XAML looks like? I suspect that the root element of your XAML has x:Class set incorrectly for Ruby. If Grid is your root ...

<Grid x:Class=”System.Windows.Controls.Grid” ...>

System::Windows::Application.current.load_root_visual Grid.new, “app.xaml”


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You need to change the namespace of the xaml file probably.
Expression blend generates xaml for WPF not Silverlight.

I used the grid control in my digg client.. so i guess it works fine :)
On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:11 AM, Thibaut Barrère <thibaut.barrere at gmail.com<mailto:thibaut.barrere at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi again,

I get a XamlException with error AG_E_PARSER_BAD_TYPE whenever I use a Grid control inside the Xaml (even with an Expression Blend generated Xaml file).

Is the Grid control currently supported when working with IronRuby ?

-- Thibaut
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