[Ironruby-core] r93 update

Robert Brotherus robert.brotherus at napa.fi
Wed Apr 9 11:54:54 EDT 2008

I have had following working ok with the recent IR iterations:

        public object GetGlobalVar(string varName)
            return ExecutionContext.GetGlobalVariable(varName);

        public void SetGlobalVar(string varName, object value)
            ExecutionContext.DefineGlobalVariable(varName, value);

It indeed changed few iterations ago and broke my earlier code as well.

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I had written a small "hello world" app that read a ruby file, using

It used this "puts \"Ruby and ${variable} together at last\"" where
"variable" is a global assigned in the C# program.

The program I'd written stopped compiling after the update so I looked
on the Wiki for changes.

The Wiki shows this example

>From that example, this line

    ctx.GlobalVariables[SymbolTable.StringToId("variable")] = ".NET";

doesn't work because the index on GlobalVariables has changed to a

A, I'm confused about how to create a GlobalVariable object to put in
that collection.  B, I'm unsure if I'm headed down the right path, given
the changes to the API.  Is there a "New" way to assigned global

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Greg Akins
Software Development Manager
SSI Services

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