[Ironruby-core] running gems setup.rb with revision93

Wayne Kelly w.kelly at qut.edu.au
Wed Apr 9 03:51:20 EDT 2008

With a new version out, I thought I'd try again to see how far I could get gems setup.rb to run ...

1) missing method Regex.quote
        - see implementation in attached patch

2) Exception thrown in ModuleOps.Evaluate - "We need ScriptCode.Run to be public"
        - uncommented the excluded code and made ScriptCode.Run public

3) Time.to_i not implemented
        - applied Eric Nicholson's patch

4) Time.gmt_offset not implemented
        - see implementation in attached patch (includes Eric's patch)

5) MutableString.intern not implemented
        - aliased MutableString.to_sym to intern

6) Exception thrown stating that ">= 0" is an illformed requirement
        - case statement failed because Regex.=== wasn't implemented, see implementation in attached patch

7) The regular expression still doesn't match due to a regular expression substitution problem
        - the following simple example illustrates the problem (it should match but doesn't):

x = /a/
regex = /#{x}/
puts regex  =~ 'a'

Cheers, Wayne.
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