[Ironruby-core] I just posted these questions to the forum, then saw Jon lams redirect here...

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 2 09:19:59 EDT 2008

chris donnan:

> How do i unsub from a .net event?

This is not supported today.

> If i am accessing a .net api, how do i pass generic args from ruby?

This is also not supported today.

> What is the equivelent of typeof() for getting a type from a .net type.
> I am trying to script a testing framework for a windows app. I would
> like to get a hold of its service locator and call its:
> service = locator.GetService(typeof(Foo))


Our .NET interop is fairly weak today. Because of our current push to get the language running in time for RailsConf, all .NET interop work is being pushed back into June on our schedule.


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