[Ironruby-core] I just posted these questions to the forum, then saw Jon lams redirect here...

chris donnan chris at tradeweapon.com
Tue Apr 1 21:18:47 EDT 2008

Here are my 3 posts:


How do i unsub from a .net event?

if I attach to an event like:

grid.new_row do |row|
      puts row

- how do i unsub from it??


If i am accessing a .net api, how do i pass generic args from ruby?


What is the equivelent of typeof() for getting a type from a .net  
type. I am trying to script a testing framework for a windows app. I  
would like to get a hold of its service locator and call its:

service = locator.GetService(typeof(Foo))

If i have a handle to the locator in ruby, how do i pass it a .net  
type like that?

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