[Ironruby-core] ruby implementation and Jscript implementation.

Slavo Furman slavof at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 07:01:42 EDT 2007


Just idea. It would be great if there will be a "progress-indication" web
page for IronRuby.

You know, a single web page with some colored table  where lines will be a
implementation's areas on which work is on or on which work is planned.
There may be also sub-areas. Columns would be "area name",
"coordinator/responsible person for area", "contact in MS-team", "status"
(like "planning", "implementation", "complete", ...), "link to page with
details" (if there's one), and (most important - "progress" - how much is
done - like 60%), "to what version/build these actual data refers on".

There was something like this in early Mono times when they worked on
implementation of .NET Framework libraries.

As I said, it would be great if one can go to single page and see in instant
on what areas people working, where help is needed, what is already
complete, etc.


On 9/21/07, olivier dufour <olivier.duff at gmail.com> wrote:
> ...
> 2) I like the ruby and want to help on it implementation.
> I know that I have to sign the contributor agreements.
> But before doing anything, I want to know the TODO and task list where I
> can help. Is there any wiki webpage or trac to manage task and todo? Because
> a lot of things must have go ahead since the first blog post.
> Thanks for any answer,
> bye,
> olivier dufour
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