[Ironruby-core] ruby implementation and Jscript implementation.

olivier dufour olivier.duff at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 06:18:31 EDT 2007


1) I am working on the mono jscript compiler as open source developer (not
from novell team) and I reference the MS.Scripting.dll in my project but the
MS.Scripting does not succeed to call the mscorlib.dll 2.1 whereas I copy
the dll of silverlight in the folder of my compiler ;(.

The exception thrown is :
ReferenceError: Methode not found : System.reflection.Emit.AssemblyBuilder
System.AppDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly (System.Reflection.AssemblyName,
System.Reflection.Emit.assemblyBuilderAccess, Boolean).

Why the MS.Scripting.dll from silverlight can not detect the assembly of
mscorlib.dll v2.1 of silverlight?
Is it because it found the mscorlib v2.0 of the GAC or because it is compile
by csc of v2.0 wheras must be compiled byt csc 2.1 which is not public?

2) I like the ruby and want to help on it implementation.
I know that I have to sign the contributor agreements.
But before doing anything, I want to know the TODO and task list where I can
help. Is there any wiki webpage or trac to manage task and todo? Because a
lot of things must have go ahead since the first blog post.

Thanks for any answer,

olivier dufour
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