[Ironruby-core] Compilation fails when DUMP symbol is defined

Terence Lewis lewistm at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 19:06:46 EDT 2007


While trying to compile the project (ExternalDebug) with the DUMP symbol
defined, I get 3 compiler errors:

1)    'Ruby.Compiler.Rule._rhs' is inaccessible due to its protection level
: \src\ironruby\Compiler\Parser\GPPG.cs : line 591
2)    The name 'id' does not exist in the current context :
\src\ironruby\Compiler\Parser\GPPG.cs : line 58
3)    The name 'rhs' does not exist in the current context :
\src\ironruby\Compiler\Parser\GPPG.cs : line 85

I managed to solve problem 1 by changing the protection from private to
public (protected not allowed on sealed class), and problem 2 by changing id
to either _id or Id, but I was unable to solve problem number 3 because no
variable is passed into the constructor for Rule which would be assignable
to _rhs. I tried simply commenting this line out, but that causes a run-time
NullReferenceException failure when the DumpProduction method runs, because
it tries to iterate over a null array. Commenting out that loop as well
seems to fix this.

Also, there is a misspelled property in the Rule class => RhsLenght should
read RhsLength.

Thank you

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