[Ironruby-core] Reply to list ... caving to popular demand

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Thu Sep 13 21:39:30 EDT 2007

M. David Peterson wrote:
> True, though it also encourages off-topic discussions to take place  
> off-list.  I can think of countless times in which an off-topic  
> conversation was both started and continued on list due to the simple fact  
> that replying directly to list was easier than was composing a new email,  
> copying over all relavent information, and continuing.

Good! Keep talk on list..if it's irrelevant, ignore the entire thread. 
But there may be a really useful gem that comes out of the tail-end of 
an off-topic conversation. Anyone who continues to have off-topic 
conversations on-list can be gently prodded off-list...and besides, all 
our emails are still in the "From" header anyway...it's not hard to send 
just to one person.

> Of course this is the exception to the rule, but there are other points to  
> consider,
> * People who have been Cc'd who are not on the list can take part in the  
> conversation if the list server is configured to forward responses to a  
> topic from folks originally Cc'd from a list member.

I've never been on a list configured in such a way...and it seems like 
an easy way for spammers to sneak by list configurations.

> 	* In this particular case I would venture to state that there are enough  
> situations in which internal MSFT employees or external library developers  
> will have need to participate in a conversation and yet forcing them to go  
> through the sign-up process to take part in a single conversation is a bit  
> much to expect.

If they couldn't send to the list, only the original sender would be 
able to see their responses anyway. What good does that do the project?

- Charlie

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