[Ironruby-core] JvYAMLb Port (CsYAML?)

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 13 18:08:30 EDT 2007

John Lam (CLR) wrote:
> We're wrapping CLR char arrays right now. But we're fully planning on going to bytes in the future once things settle down a bit. We're erring on the side of letting some things just work today vs. doing this correctly the first time and taking longer.
> We should start with the char based version today with an eye of moving toward the byte-based version once we fix MutableString.
> Thanks for the advice, Charlie!

I would be very interested in hearing your strategies for integrating 
with the rest of the CLR once you move to bytes. That's the big 
trade-off we've had to make, translating byte-based strings to 
char-based strings and back whenever they cross that boundary. That's a 
lot of overhead I wish we could avoid, and I suppose you'll have to cope 
with that in one way or another as well.

- Charlie

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