[Ironruby-core] JvYAMLb Port (CsYAML?)

John Lam (CLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 13 17:59:58 EDT 2007

> On Behalf Of Charles Oliver Nutter:
> One decision you're going to have to make pretty early on is whether to
> support Ruby's strings exactly or to try wrapping CLR string constructs
> that use UTF-16 characters. We started out with the latter, and aside
> from the obvious down side of doubling memory use for all strings, we
> ran into much more serious problems trying to get decent IO
> performance;
> every operation required encoding and decoding to/from bytes. Then
> there's the issues with so many libraries just expecting to work with
> bytes, expecting UTF-8 logic in regular expressions and String methods,
> and it just got progressively more complicated.
> JvYAML has both a char and a byte-based version. The byte-based version
> is directly incorporated into JRuby, while the char-based version is
> free-standing.

We're wrapping CLR char arrays right now. But we're fully planning on going to bytes in the future once things settle down a bit. We're erring on the side of letting some things just work today vs. doing this correctly the first time and taking longer.

We should start with the char based version today with an eye of moving toward the byte-based version once we fix MutableString.

Thanks for the advice, Charlie!

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