[Ironruby-core] Reply-to address

Tony Djordjevski tony at v-sim.com
Thu Sep 13 12:56:13 EDT 2007


Sorry this might be a bit off topic, but... I'm not sure who to address 
this to.

I've noticed that when trying to reply to a thread that my email client 
wants to send the reply to the personal email address of the sender, 
when in fact, I think it should instead go to the list.  That is, the 
"to" field in the message is the personal address of some person, with 
the list being cc'd only when I click on Reply All.

I'm only experiencing this behavior on the ironruby-core list, and I've 
noticed that messages from others are also having the same issue.

I think it could be fixed by adding a reply-to field for all messages 
sent out by the list, so that when I click on Reply the "to" field in 
the message is ironruby-core at rubyforge.org

Can somebody fix this?  Do others think this is needed?


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