[Ironruby-core] zlib implementation

Mike Moore blowmage at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 11:37:13 EDT 2007

On 9/12/07, John Lam (CLR) <jflam at microsoft.com> wrote:
>  Thanks for looking into these libraries, Mike!
> Regarding zlib: it seems like a binary dependency on zlib.net would work.
> Do you agree?
> Regarding YAML: I agree that porting _syck to C# would be a good idea.
> Does _syck have dependencies on the Ruby parser?
Syck doesn't have a dependency on the Ruby parser, but it does use lex/yacc
style gram.y file.  I know that the Ruby.NET guys cracked that nut and
reused Ruby's parser.y file, and it looks like IronRuby has a Parser.y file
as well.  I honestly haven't looked at this very closely since I first saw
it in Ruby.NET, so I'm just assuming that a .NET version of Syck could also
use Syck's gram.y file as a starting place.

> BTW, the IronRuby tokenizer is scheduled for a massive overhaul in the
> next couple of weeks.

How is this changing?

> -John
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> On 9/12/07, *John Lam (CLR)* <jflam at microsoft.com> wrote:
>  We would love to have a managed implementation since it makes life so
> much easier – especially as we begin the inevitable move to 64 bit in the
> future.
> I haven't done the investigation between zlib and System.IO.Compression.
> Are you volunteering, Mike? J
> I actually spent a couple hours working through Ruby's Zlib last night
> trying to familiarize myself with it.  I've never used it before which is
> why I asked the question.  :)
> Right now the two big needs are Zlib and YAML.  So here are my uninformed
> thoughts.  Please correct me.
> Zlib:: Determine if we can use System.IO.Compression.  If not, we may have
> to re-implement zlib in C# or use an existing port if the license is
> compatible.  A zlib implementation in C# (using System.IO.Compression if
> possible) could be useful for other DLR languages, so that's something to
> keep in mind.
> YAML:: From what I've read about JRuby's YAML implementation, getting it
> to work like Syck was a major issue.  We could start with Ola's RbYAML once
> IronRuby will run it, but we will probably need to build a native library
> for performance reasons (just like JRuby did).  Long term, the two options I
> see are porting Ola's JvYAML, or porting _why's Syck to C#.  I'm somewhat
> partial to porting Syck so that it can be reused in other languages.  I
> wonder how much of IronRuby's parser we could re-purpose to get Syck on
> C#...
> http://rbyaml.rubyforge.org/
> https://jvyaml.dev.java.net/
> http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/syck/
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