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olivier dufour olivier.duff at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 02:11:19 EDT 2007


I have a little question about MS.Scripting.
I am making the JScript compiler for moonlight and I have used
MS.Scripting.dll of silverlight all the time(v2.1).
But thanks to the fact that you said that there is version 2.1 for embedding
in browser and 2.0. I want to try 2.0 to make a console compiler.
I have used the ironruby MS.Scripting as reference to build
MS.JScript.Compiler/Runtime dll and I see that the ironruby MS.Scripting is
far from the one of Silverlight even in namespace(
MS.Scripting.Ast for example). What is the plan for it? Is the current
version of ironruby is custom or out dated or is it a development version?
thanks for any feedback.

Olivier Dufour
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