[Ironruby-core] How our libraries stack up against the specs ...

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Thu Oct 25 05:45:40 EDT 2007

Charles Oliver Nutter wrote:
> John Lam (DLR) wrote:
>> Wayne Kelly:
>>> I used the following:
>>> http://code.fallingsnow.net/svn/rubinius/trunk
>> This is a really old snapshot of their repository. I believe this was the state prior to the migration to GIT.
> I found the current address:
> http://rubini.us/svn/rubinius/trunk/spec/
> This should remain up-to-date with git master.

Blast it all, nevermind. The mirroring process died some time ago and 
it's never been re-wired. Annoying.

- Charlie

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