[Ironruby-core] Form Designer adding delegates

Wayne Kelly w.kelly at qut.edu.au
Thu Oct 25 00:29:32 EDT 2007

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> Wayne Kelly:
> > require 'mscorlib.dll'
> > require 'System.dll'
> > require 'System.Drawing.dll'
> > require 'System.Windows.Forms.dll'
> I'm a bit surprised at the use of assembly filenames vs.
> assembly names here

Don't all ruby requires expect a file name? We haven't changed the lookup mechanism for loading - we just allowed .NET dlls to also be loaded.

> Do they need to be on the path?

They need to be on Ruby's path, but we automatically add the Microsoft.NET framework directory to that Path.

> >     @button1.set_Location(System::Drawing::Point.new(47, 54))
> Is there a reason why you're calling the property setter
> method explicitly rather than using the property name? Or is
> this not supported in the Ruby.Net method binder?

Our compiler would be happy with it as a property assignment, but we did it that way inside InitializeComponent in order to ensure round tripping. When parsing InitializeComponent and generating the codeDOM representation we need to distinguish between a field, a property and a method call. Statically typed languages are expected to use type information to distinguish. As we have no type information we use syntactic conventions to distinguish between them. Note - these syntactic conventions only apply within the InitializeComponent method which is typically auto-generated. Ruby programmers are free to use the more Rubyish syntax elsewhere in their code.

Another issue is statically distinguishing between variables such as Foo and type references such as System::Drawing::Point - we use wrapper/helper methods to distinguish type references (except when invoking a new method where we implicitly assume that the constant is a type reference). Again, this is only necessary inside IntializeComponent.

And now a question for your VS integration experts: when adding a new event handler - how do you arrange for the cursor to be automatically placed inside the body of the new method?

Cheers, Wayne.

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