[Ironruby-core] Form Designer adding delegates

Dermot Hogan lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Oct 24 17:46:44 EDT 2007

>> 1) IronRuby doesn't like the delegate op assign so I can't click on a
>> button
> We only support:
> self.button1.click do |sender, args|
>   # code
> end
> today.

OK. The Form Designer requires that you add a delegate (at least I think 
it does. I haven't found a simple way supporting the above syntax). 
Everything else C#, VB, IronPython, etc use the += syntax.

>> 2) I really need 'attr_accessor' to define a 'field' (it's commented
>> out
>> below and I've worked round it, but it's a pain to do). Does it exist
>> yet?
> We're working on this - it should be almost doable today.

OK. That's good.

>> 3) the references use the full qualified reference name. I can live
>> with
>> this no problem, but it really should use the short form. Is this on
>> the
>> road map?
> What I've been doing is assembling these references into a .rb file that 
> I require - eg require 'winforms'.

I can actually get the fully qualified name from the VS Add References 
system, so it's not a problem. It's not urgent by any means - it just 
looks odd.

Another minor problem is that I have to use syntax like this:


even with the require 'System::Windows::Forms'

Any way of shortening this?

Also (a more general question) - will IR compile to a PE? I'm assuming 
that it runs similarly to MRuby right now (i.e as an interpreter), but I 
need to build certain assumptions into the things MSBuild knows about. 
If it's going to compile, then I'll make sure MSBuild knows about it.

Don't bend your development plans to accomodate me, btw. I can see that 
there's plenty to work on before getting the finer points of the Form 

Still, I can see impressive progress!


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