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Eric Nicholson enicholson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 10:32:47 EDT 2007

Does anyone know an easier way of getting the Rubinius source than
installing cygwin, getting the git source code, compiling git...

What a pain!  I'm sure git is fantastic, but you can't store your portable
RVM on a non-portable source manager!

I really want to look at these tests.  I grabbed the most recent tarball I
could find, but the tests John included aren't in it (presumably because
it's too old).  The tests seem to have undergone a major re-organization.

On 10/15/07, John Lam (DLR) <jflam at microsoft.com> wrote:
> I re-implemented parts of the Rubinius test suite harness to use features
> that *are* implemented in IronRuby. The good news is that we're using the
> specs as written without any changes at all.
> The spec suite driver currently looks at Array, Hash and String only.
> If I run the driver under MRI, I see 17 failures out of 743 specs; only
> one failure is expected. The other 16 failures are due the fact that I
> couldn't implement that part of the test suite harness without using
> features that IronRuby doesn't have today. So that's not a bad baseline
> start.
> If I run the same spec suite under IronRuby, we see 457 failures out of
> 743, for a pass rate of 38%.  If we omit String, which is the least
> implemented of these types, our pass rate for Array and Hash rises to 58%
> (149 fail out of 353).
> Some of the failures are obviously due to features that aren't implemented
> at all (mostly in String). Some of them are due to a class of language
> features that aren't implemented (e.g. taint). Some are due to known DLR
> bugs like the one that Martin is currently consumed with fixing. The
> remainder are real bugs in our implementation.
> The spec harness is a fairly sophisticated Ruby program. The team should
> be proud of getting the language to this state so quickly!
> I'm attaching the test dump to this mail for the curious. The shelveset
> that contains this stuff should be ready to review tomorrow and will be
> pushed out to SVN right after that.
> Thanks,
> -John
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