[Ironruby-core] Yaml Parser

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Tue Oct 23 22:22:55 EDT 2007

Adam Esterline:

> I think license does matter.    If rbyaml was used, it would be
> shipped with IronRuby as a standard library.   I think that means that
> their license have to be compatible.
> Can someone please clarify?

This is something that we still have to figure out on our end. AFAIK we have never shipped multiple licensed code before in a single distribution. I've got some inquiries out on this, and I'll report back what we figure out.

Worst case we could enlist the help of someone like Seo who has lots of experience redistributing our code to help come up with a standard distribution, but clearly that's a worst case scenario.


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