[Ironruby-core] Volunteers to fix Rake for non-Windows systems?

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 15 14:24:13 EDT 2007


after looking at your changes to the Rakefile, most of them fall in the bucket of using File.join() to concatenate pathname elements rather than using a canonical delimiter '\'. I was under the impression that the pathname2 library would do the correct thing under Linux and convert the '\' to '/'. If that's not the case perhaps we could fix it in pathname2 rather than drop File.join everywhere in the file? I'm cc'ing Dan Berger on this mail since he wrote the pathname2 library.


I'm attaching Olivier's Rakefile and the original Rakefile so that you can get better context on this problem. A quick diff should show you exactly what Olivier has done.

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