[Ironruby-core] A couple of issues building in Visual Studio

Cory Foy Cory.Foy at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 15 09:49:42 EDT 2007

Same here. I didn't try the rake build - I just open the solution in VS2005 and build away - both debug and release mode.

Derek - are you sure it's the 2005 version? I saw the references problem last time I opened the 2008 solution, but didn't have a chance to see what was going on.


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I am able to build the source with VS.NET<http://VS.NET> 2005.  I don't remember if there were any tricks that I had to do to make it work...

Have you tried building with rake?

On 10/15/07, Derek Knight <Derek at gordonknight.co.uk<mailto:Derek at gordonknight.co.uk>> wrote:
I posted this in the open-discussion forum. Maybe that's not used much these days.

I've found a few problems building IronRuby on Windows (using the IronRuby.sln file). It's possible my set-up might be bad, although all I did was download the SVN files and build them.

A number of the projects have bad references (these look to be caused by the projects not being in the location the csproj files expect).
I found that I had to change the following CSPROJ files (Ruby, IronRuby.Libraries, ClassInitGenerator, Ruby.Console, RubyTestHost).

Also, I was doing a Release build and that does not compile. The Microsoft.Scripting library has #if DEBUG round definitions of 2 Utils.ReflectionUtils functions (FormatTypeName and FormatTypeArgs), which are referred to in Program.cs of ClassInitGenerator.

I'm guessing others don't build from the Visual Studio solution (or I've set my environment up stupidly).


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