[Ironruby-core] Referencing a CLR List in IronRuby

Cory Foy Cory.Foy at microsoft.com
Thu Oct 11 16:09:00 EDT 2007

And if anyone is wondering, the set would be:

foo.set_Item(0, "World")


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Good Call. foo.get_Item() works great.  foo[0] throws an exception.

Thanks Justin!  That's much better than ToArray.GetValue...

On 10/11/07, Justin Bailey <jgbailey at gmail.com<mailto:jgbailey at gmail.com>> wrote:
On 10/11/07, Eric Nicholson <enicholson at gmail.com<mailto:enicholson at gmail.com>> wrote:
I can't figure out how to get items out of any of the CLR List types in IronRuby.  Here's a contrived example:

>>> require 'mscorlib'
=> true
>>> foo = System::Collections:: ArrayList.new()
=> #<ArrayList:0x0000056>
>>> foo.Item(0)
System.MissingMethodException: undefined local variable or method `Item' for #<ArrayList:0x0000056>:ArrayList

The actualy method name will be get_Item(), I think. But did you try

>>> foo[0]

Might work!


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