[Ironruby-core] trouble with super and .NET classes

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Mon Oct 8 18:55:45 EDT 2007

John Lam (DLR) wrote:
>> Dermot Hogan:
>> I haven't tried the debugger yet. The basics should be reasonably easy,
>> but I suspect the difficult bit will be getting the inspectors to work.
>> I spent a lot of time with Matz's Ruby getting VS debug expressions
>> (the
>> watch windows and debug data tips) to work correctly. The main problem
>> is that there is no defined syntax for the string returned by inspect -
>> you can return what you like - and there are at least 7 or 8 different
>> formats.
> I wouldn't recommend looking at this until we've had a chance to rewrite the scanner in IronRuby. Right now the one that we're using doesn't report line / column positions correctly. Once that works, we'll be able to emit the correct PDBs, which should enable the VS debugger to "just work".

Will there be any effort put into making existing Ruby debugging tools 
work, like debug.rb included in the Ruby stdlib and ruby-debug, the 
C-based extension that allows fast debugging through a similar 
interface? Most of the Java-based tools have based their debugging 
capabilities on debug.rb and ruby-debug, and soon will have a 
jruby-debug fast debugger to use. The JRuby compiler also enables the 
possibility of using a normal Java debugger, but being mixed-mode (both 
interpreted and compiled) complicates that somewhat.

Is the current effort to only support PDB-style debugging?

(FYI, you may want to look at the debug-commons project on RubyForge, 
it's a community effort between some Eclipse guys and some NetBeans guys 
to build a common framework for debugging Ruby in those tools).

- Charlie

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