[Ironruby-core] trouble with super and .NET classes

John Messerly jomes at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 8 17:01:29 EDT 2007

Hi Dermot,

Do you have any sample Ruby code generated by the Windows Forms designer? I'd like to try it out so I can see what the issues are to get it working.


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> Dermot Hogan:
> I can also generate IronRuby code from the Form Designer and generate a
> Form layout back from the Ruby code. What I can't do is run the
> generated IronRuby like you would VB or C# ... that's why I need the
> Windows inheritance in IronRuby. The VS Form Designer is very picky and
> works in a very specific way. You really have to do exactly what it
> expects you to do. I've also got to code the Form Designer merge logic.

Understood. We'll need to get this to work.

> I haven't tried the debugger yet. The basics should be reasonably easy,
> but I suspect the difficult bit will be getting the inspectors to work.
> I spent a lot of time with Matz's Ruby getting VS debug expressions
> (the
> watch windows and debug data tips) to work correctly. The main problem
> is that there is no defined syntax for the string returned by inspect -
> you can return what you like - and there are at least 7 or 8 different
> formats.

I wouldn't recommend looking at this until we've had a chance to rewrite the scanner in IronRuby. Right now the one that we're using doesn't report line / column positions correctly. Once that works, we'll be able to emit the correct PDBs, which should enable the VS debugger to "just work".

Thanks for working on this!

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