[Ironruby-core] "Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program" exception

Florian Krüsch florian at kruesch.de
Mon Oct 8 07:42:13 EDT 2007


I'm playing with IronRuby and love it.
Playing around I obviously did something that's not yet implemented and
got the exception "Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program"
The code is:
result = (Proc.new { |value| value.to_s*2 }).call value

I understand that IronRuby still has a way to go and that not everything's
fully implemented. However, I would expect another kind of exception...
something along "Ruby syntax error" or the like...

btw - it would be awesome to get a few pointers on the differences between
the various methods/modes of execution (Exectue, ExecuteCommand etc)


Florian Krüsch

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