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M. David Peterson m.david at xmlhacker.com
Wed Oct 3 09:45:28 EDT 2007

On Wed, 03 Oct 2007 07:30:40 -0600, William Yeung  
<william.yeung.hk at gmail.com> wrote:

> I dont think dogfood groove is a good idea unless a lot of users would  
> be entitled for such tool.

Oh, I agree that there would need to be some sort of license that could be  
allocated for use by IronRuby community members at no cost.  Maybe signing  
a contributor agreement could be used as a definitive market as to those  
who are serious about being involved and as such would benefit from a  
Groove license for the purpose of community collaboration?

Not sure, but it seems like if nothing else it could be an interesting  
use-case for the Groove team.  And a good use-case can be worth it's  
weight in gold, so if nothing else there would at least be that.


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