[Ironruby-core] Public versus private discussion and community momentum

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Mon Oct 1 16:25:15 EDT 2007

M. David Peterson wrote:
> On Mon, 01 Oct 2007 12:39:36 -0600, Charles Oliver Nutter  
> <charles.nutter at sun.com> wrote:
>> So this email is mostly for John, but I'd like to hear others weigh in...
> Do you have specific evidence that "private" conversations regarding  
> IronRuby development are taking place and that these private conversations  
> are holding the community back from progress?  Sorry Charlie (pun wasn't  
> intended), but it's difficult to weigh in on something if that something  
> is pure speculation based on list volume.  Also, have you ever or will you  
> ever have a private conversation regarding jRuby with someone @ Sun?

Well I would presume that if the project is moving rapidly forward, 
completing compiler milestones and improving runtime compatibility, that 
discussions are happening somewhere...and though there have been some 
discussion about specific libraries or needs in the core classes, there 
doesn't appear to be any discussion about the runtime and compiler 

Honestly I just would like to see that you all making contributions to 
IronRuby from the outside are getting a chance to discuss and 
participate in the runtime implementation. And I imagine that it's a 
very difficult balancing act John has on this project; knowing how 
devoted he's been to open source in the past, I'd like to see him able 
to keep the runtime dev process as open as possible. Are you saying you 
don't think that's a good idea?

>  From the outside looking in, I have to be honest: You seem to be  
> trolling.  Are you?

No. The danger of having an open project and an open community is that 
many people can put forth opinions. Occasionally you will not agree with 
them, but it does not mean they are trolling. I'm merely offering a 
recommendation to the project leads. Take it or leave it, but don't 
acuse me of being a troll.

- Charlie

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