[Ironruby-core] DLR test suite

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Sat Nov 17 12:14:27 EST 2007

Jb Evain:

> I was talking with Seo on #mono about his efforts to test IR and IP on
> Mono.
> For now, we rely only on tests provided for IP and IR. I was thinking,
> you guys must have a dedicated DLR test suite? If so, it would really
> be nice to open it as well. Not only to help making us IP and IR first
> class citizens on Mono, but also for folks building stuff on the top
> of the DLR already.

Yes - we do have a big set of tests for DLR. Let me spin up a thread with the test team next week (those who are around ... :) and we'll look at how much work it is to drop DLR tests with IronRuby.

FWIW, the plan has always been to spin up a separate DLR project on some repository somewhere. But of course the plan turns into one of 'ship DLR with Ruby, with Python, and by itself'. Which means the DLR sources get duplicated in 3 places and will be out of sync based on when those sources get pushed. Suggestions on how to deal with this would be welcome.


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